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For several months, I have struggled with the decision because I love my community and I love serving them as Mayor.


However, what has become painfully clear to me and others is that if we don’t have strong leadership on a regional level, we are going to allow Jacksonville and Orlando to make decisions for Welaka and all of the smaller towns in House District 20.  These are communities that do want more economic opportunity but are also passionate about maintaining our home-grown values and quality of life.  I believe I can help make a difference in striking a balance between these two goals.


We cannot know for certain every decision that will have to be made for our communities, but here’s what you should know about me:


  • I will make decisions based on my view that our godly heritage and constitutional rights have been the foundation for America’s greatness.


  • I believe in the strength of our families and the quality of life afforded to those families by our rural communities.


  • I believe we can establish economic opportunity while preserving the charm and character that makes our district unique.


  • I believe that the top priority of government is public safety and that we need to make sure our brave law enforcement officers have the resources they need.


  • I believe we must continue to improve our infrastructure – roads, bridges, and above all, access to clean drinking water.


  • I believe that taxes and unnecessary regulation are job-killing barriers to economic opportunity.


  • I believe that our children should have the right to the best education suited to their needs.


I look forward to meeting with you, hearing your concerns, and earning your vote, one doorstep at a time because I believe the best way to represent you is by knowing you.


Bobby Payne has been a great state representative.  Let’s build on what he has done, stand with Gov. DeSantis to protect our state from the radical left, and make District 20 a place we can remain proud to call home.

Hello, I'm Jamie Watts, Mayor of Welaka, and a proud resident of the free state of Florida.  I’ve had the privilege of working hard at the local level to keep government accountable and responsive to the people.

After Rep. Bobby Payne was elected for his fourth and final term due to term limits, I had a number of people from our community call and ask me to consider running for the State House.

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